WNBA player Brittney Griner is home on U.S. soil, but her future remains unclear. The 32-year-old Houston native picked up a basketball during a workout at Sam Houston, the medical facility in San Antonio where she’s recovering after a nine-month jail stint in Russia.

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The spread of coronavirus in prisons isn't being talked about enough.


Accused rapist Kodak Black, who is currently serving time in prison for a gun possession case, won’t be getting out of jail for at least another two years. “Kodak will be free again on or about Aug. 14, 2022 — according to the feds,” TMZ reports. “He could get out a few days earlier because […]

Earlier this month it was revealed that Kodak Black’s actions had caught up to him and he was sentenced to 46 months in jail. Now, the rapper’s attorneys have filed an appeal for that very same case. “Notice is hereby given that the Defendant, Bill K. Kapri, takes and enters this, his Notice of Appeal […]

Rodney Reed is currently on death row in the state of Texas. His family and supporters are continuing their valiant effort to get this decision reversed as he is set to be executed in less than three weeks. A change.org petition lobby’s for the execution to be stopped, it also claims that all new evidence […]