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Cardi B is here to spread the holiday cheer in a new Pepsi commercial that will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Adding just the right amount of flavor to the company’s ad, the rapper turns out to be Santa Claus’ competition in the viral fairy tale. As the story goes, Cardi and her little sister Hennessy were waiting up for Old Saint Nick on Christmas Eve when they were kids, but when he “came through” he only left gifts for Hennessy. It turns out Cardi B was on his naughty list.

“That’s a silly rule,” Kid Cardi says in the fictional story. “What’s wrong with being naughty? Being naughty and nice is what makes me Cardi.” She definitely has a point there. In the end, it seems Cardi’s taken Santa’s place as she makes it rain all over the world with the gift everyone loves: money.

In real life, Grownup Cardi tells PEOPLE “I was excited because it’s like Christmas themed and you know, who doesn’t get excited to do Christmas stuff. I was like, ‘Aw it’s going to be extravagant! I can’t wait!’”

Tune into the commercial up top and let us know if you love it, or really love it?