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Earlier this month it was announced that Stephen A. Smith is all set to become ESPN’s highest paid sportscaster, a simultaneous win and loss as Smith isn’t necessarily what one would call a progressive voice for the culture. In fact, his most recent comments aimed at Colin Kaepernick have just about everybody looking at him sideways — light allies included.

In case you missed it, Kaep took control of his scheduled NFL workout session last weekend, saying that he needed transparency and the NFL wouldn’t allow the media to present. At that point Smith questioned Kaep’s motives, stating that he believes the blackballed quarterback no longer wants to play but instead just wants a platform. Throughout the week, he’s doubled down on these thoughts.

Discussing the issue on First Take, Smith’s white counterpart Max Kellerman took a few moments to gather him. You’ve got to see it for yourself.

Fast forward to Thursday when Terrell Owens called Smith’s blackness into question, saying “Max almost seems Blacker than you Stephen A.” Whew. Hit the flip for all the Stephen A. Smith slander. Even queen Ava Duvernay called him out.

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