Josh Giddey is the one under investigation, but Malika Andrews is catching all the heat on social media for a ridiculous reason.

Stephen A. Smith has entered the chat. The First Take frontman is usually on the front lines of any hot topic or sports debate, but he’s been notably quiet over Josh Giddey. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard is fighting allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor after photos with a young woman […]

All’s well that ends well, right? Shannon Sharpe’s time as Skip Bayless‘ cohost on Undisputed had a drama-filled ending, and he’s now moved on to greener pastures with a deal at Colin Cowherd’s The Volume. But what satisfies fans even more is to hear his weekly rants alongside Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Now […]

The old adage that a journalist is only as good as their sources has been once again proved. Stephen A. Smith is one of the most tapped-in sports personalities around and is always giving fresh takes on ESPN and his podcast, the Stephen A. Smith Show. However, sometimes, the information he shares with the world […]

Stephen A. Smith dropped a bombshell recently about Black athletes that somehow didn’t crack the Twitter,-er,-X-verse, at least not with the usual velocity. On a recent podcast episode with Los Angeles Clippers player Paul George, Smith revealed that Black athletes are a little touchier about tough questions when asked by Black journalists. He praised George […]

Since Shannon Sharpe announced he’s be departing Skip Bayless’ Uninterrupted in June, fans dreamed of this day. It was reported Thursday by the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand that Sharpe would team up with Stephen A. Smith to cohost ESPN’s First Take. “Shannon Sharpe will square off against Stephen A. Smith on Mondays and Tuesdays […]

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most entertaining men in sports media, but his unfiltered takes are even spicier.  We routinely see Smith spout his genuine opinions on his radio show, and during a recent episode of Podcast P with Paul George, he gave a behind-the-scenes story of an interaction with Rich Paul. One of […]

Smith went on to warn that more layoffs at ESPN would be coming and he's not exempt from getting cut.

Draymond Green was not here for people making fun of Anthony Davis' suffering a head injury.

Stephen A. Smith says Donald Trump isn't "against black people" but that he's "against all things not named Donald Trump."