Colin Kaepernick's Netflix limited series based on his teenage life looks extremely good.

In the Netflix original When They See Us, director Ava DuVernay, portrayed a tactic used in interrogation called the Reid technique. The technique is a complicated series of psychological tricks, that can be controversial. Those who are believers in the Reid technique, says the method is useful in getting unwilling suspects to cough up vital […]


Ava DuVernay’s gripping 'When They See Us' has Blair Underwood hoping things would turn out differently if the same thing happened today.

Our favorite showrunner Ava DuVernay has a couple of new projects she’s cooking up, but there’s one in particular that has us on the edge of our seats. The award-winning director, producer, screenwriter, film marketer and film distributor is currently working on a comedy series with Colin Kaepernick based on his high school life. While […]

The Front

After "A Wrinkle In Time," this will be her second $100 million-plus film.