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George Zimmerman was just kicked off another dating app

Source: Orlando Sentinel / Getty

After he got away with killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is reportedly suing the deceased boy’s family, prosecutors, and a book publisher in a $100 million defamation lawsuit. Zimmerman maintains he killed Martin in self-defense while, according to TMZ, claiming his accusers “created a conspiracy in an attempt to convict him of murder”

“Zimmerman’s suing Trayvon’s parents, along with prosecutors and a book publisher, for $100 million in damages. In the suit, he alleges false evidence was used against him during his trial and cites a documentary that accuses the Martin family of engineering a phony testimony,” TMZ states, adding “According to the docs, Zimmerman claims the Martin family and prosecutors lied about the true identity of the woman Trayvon was talking to on the phone at the time of the shooting, In his suit, Zimmerman alleges they presented Rachel Jeantel as the witness during the trial, but he claims it was actually Brittany Diamond Eugene on the phone.”

TMZ reports Zimmerman is suing Trayvon Martin’s parents for defamation and conspiracy, the state of Florida for malicious prosecution, in addition to Harper Collins and author/attorney Ben Crump after the recent release of their book Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People. We will keep you updated.