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Zimmerman brought the lawsuit against Martin's parents and the others back in 2019. The initial claim was that Martin's parents along with Crump were engaged in a conspiracy that tried to “destroy his goodwill and reputation in the community” by smearing him as a racist who profiled the teen.

The NBA is back, but the fight for social justice continues, and of the leaders in the league is making sure Breonna Taylor's murders are brought to justice.


After he got away with killing Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is reportedly suing the deceased boy’s family, prosecutors, and a book publisher in a $100 million defamation lawsuit. Zimmerman maintains he killed Martin in self-defense while, according to TMZ, claiming his accusers “created a conspiracy in an attempt to convict him of murder” “Zimmerman’s suing […]

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The NBA player is making a serious impact.

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Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story premieres July 30.

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The beleaguered company declared bankruptcy.

BK Reader caught up with the film's co-producer. Here's what we learned.

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The six-part doc is slated to premiere in July.