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Pusha T

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Pusha T is having a great decade-ending month.

Last week the Virginia rapper announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child this Spring, and now he’s revealed the opening of a ramen and craft cocktail bar in Washington DC. Named Kitsuen, which means “smoke” in Japanese, the restaurant is opening on New Year’s Eve.

Push isn’t venturing into the restaurant business alone and has a few nightlife moguls  –Wayne Johnson and Tony Perry– to ensure the spot’s success.

Johnson and Perry are the owners of Saint Yves and Abigail nightclubs which are both located in D.C. as well. NBA players Jerian and Jerami Grant are also coming in on the venture too, as well as Las Vegas entrepreneur Kyle Eubanks.

The DC natives and nightclub wizards are no strangers of Push since they’ve been booking him to host parties at their clubs for years, which is why the partnership just works.

“We want to open up a cool, trendy bar that can be a fixture in the neighborhood for years to come,” Johnson recently told Complex.

The restaurant features a sleek all-white brick exterior with red branding, and a cozy interior, equipped with a covered outdoor patio too, where hookah will be available.

But most important of all, is the quality chef that the team is bringing in. Enter Chef Munehiro Mori, who has cooked in Tokyo and brings with him 25 years of experience making ramen, is leading the kitchen.

“I can’t tell you how much knowledge he brings,” Johnson says. The menu will include three types of ramen: shoyu, miso, and a house special that will come topped with the Japanese fried chicken known as karaage.

If you’re over the loud clubs and need a more relaxing spot in D.C. this may be your new go-to.

“We’re opening it to give an opportunity to people who are over the loud club, standing-on-couches thing,” Johnson said. “Some of our crowd has gotten a little older. We wanted to do something a little more calm.”