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Pusha T

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Pusha T released a new track last night, entitled “Coming Home” and it features Lauryn Hill. The track has turned out to be more than just a track where two music icons are collaborating, this track marks the launch of Pusha’s involvement in the Third Strike Coming Home campaign. The campaign is designed to free people who are serving life sentences in prison under the three-strikes drug law.

The three-strike law was introduced by then-President Bill Clinton, the law states that anyone with a sever felony and at least two other previous convictions is liable to serve a mandatory minimum of life in prison.

“This is way more than a song, it’s a movement!” Push tweeted after “Coming Home” dropped. “We are doing everything in our power to bring home men and women trapped behind the wall due to an outdated 3 strikes drug law.”

Push has tag teamed with lawyers MiAngel Cody and Brittany K. Barnett,  in an effort to launch the campaign. The rapper was the first to make a donation to the Third Strike Campaign by donating $25,000.

Rolling Stone pointed out, this is the first Lauryn Hill recorded song that has released in a little over four years.

Pusha was in disbelief when Lauryn Hill agreed to give him a feature. But soon as he heard the instrumental, he knew he was going to need help delivering something he is not use to giving.

“I remember having the beat and was like, ‘Man, I think this is bigger than what Pusha T really does. What he’s known to do,’” Pusha told Rolling Stone during a phone interview. “I felt like the track itself had a feel good music, it had that feeling to it. I was like ‘this needs to have a bit of a message to it.’”

Coming Home is the second song released by Pusha this week, he also released “Socio Path” which is a Kanye produced track featuring Kash Doll.