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Unfortunately, the latest J.R. Smith story doesn’t involve the streak shooter getting picked up by a NBA contender, but for something way more personal.

Yesterday, (December 18) Smith’s wife Jewel posted an emotional 10-minute prayer on IGTV revealing the hardships her family has been going through lately and alleged that J.R. cheated on her with actress Candace Patton, who stars in The Flash.

“God is mad wild,” she said while sitting in her car. “There’s a lot going on . . . Help me God. So, as I was taking Demi to school, God was like ‘Yeah, you gonna pray and you’re gonna post it.'”

She even went on to mention Candance by name, hoping she gets the help she needs too.

“My husband, he’s hurting and Candice, she’s hurting . . . For her to go out here, Father God, and seek a married man, I just pray that you give her grace and mercy through all of this,” she said.

Jewel also mentioned J.R. in the prayer because he also needs to be healed.

“God, I would like to lift my husband up and ask you, Lord Father God, to please just cover him with your blood,” she said. “I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that you go to him where he is right now and you shake him up, God. You shake him up and you stir him up . . . I ask that wherever he is broke, you fix him [and] you heal him.”

J.R. seemingly responded on Instagram by posting a bible quote.

He also said in another story, “IG ain’t a place for relationships!! But God told me to tell y’all I’ve separated for months” and that he “doesn’t understand why his child failed to mention that… #ThatsAll.”