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Kanye West Alludes That T.I.'s "Hymen Checks" Were "God Approved"

Source: Rich Fury / Getty

Of course, Kanye West couldn’t let 2019 come to a close without saying something absolutely ridiculous but in his mind sounding thought-provoking. 


On Sunday (Dec.29), Kanye West flanked by his beloved disciples *coughs* choir visited a Los Angeles’ Skid Row to and spread the good word at the Union Rescue Mission. While speaking to the crowd of homeless, the born again rapper celebrated the first anniversary of his Sunday Service ministry and how they helped him battle his addictions with the opioids and pornography.

Celebrity gossip site, TMZ was on hand to capture West preaching, where he discussed his issues.

“I ain’t telling nobody what to do. I’m expressing what I been through. ‘Cause you know people love to take a soundbite and say ‘This was not exactly Devil-approved by the Internet. You can be speaking on something that’s God-approved…you know what I’m saying?” 

Nah, we don’t honestly. West continued going on a tangent somehow incorporating T.I.’s “hymen checks” on his daughter alluding they were “God approved” into his sermon:

 “Like all those songs we be dancing to, twerking to, [and] they tried to play T.I. They tried to play T.I., but he’s talking about something God-approved.”

Riiiiighhhht. He also spoke on the issue of homelessness, stating he believes a “worldwide solution” can be found while shamelessly name dropping Elon Musk harking back on the conversation the two visionaries had. Were not sure if those Star Wars-like homes Ye was building was one of them, but we can’t wait to see the fruits of what Yeezy and Musk were discuss come to bare.

Until then, you can watch West do what he does best and speak off the cuff in the video provided by TMZ below.

Photo: Rich Fury / Getty