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Kanye West would be really upset to know that the greatest Jeopardy players of all time didn’t know the name of his most recent album.

Jesus Is King was one of the answers to a question during the game show’s GOAT finale, but not one of the contestants hit their buzzer after reading the clue. The clue read “‘Follow God’ & ‘Closed on Sunday’ are tracks on this 2019 Kanye West album.” And there were nothing but crickets, according to

Of course, Kanye critics had a ball making fun of the viral moment.

“Kanye’s gonna be furious when he finds out none of the guys on Jeopardy had heard of Jesus Is King,” one Twitter user wrote. Another guy basically said the album wasn’t all that, so how could anyone have known the answer? True.

Other folks took a moment to (weird) flex.

Pretty funny, especially because Kanye’s been in need of a serious slice of humble pie for the duration of his career. Maybe this will finally get him down off of his high horse — oh, did you hear he actually fell off of a horse recently? That video below.