Kanye West would be really upset to know that the greatest Jeopardy players of all time didn’t know the name of his most recent album. Jesus Is King was one of the answers to a question during the game show’s GOAT finale, but not one of the contestants hit their buzzer after reading the clue. […]

 Kanye West has a lot to be thankful for. He has the number one album in the country with Jesus is King proving people still rock with, purchasing plenty of land in Wyoming, and according to the rapper, it’s all thanks to his buddy Donald Trump. During the New York Times’ Dealbook Conference in Manhattan […]

Finally, Kanye West’s album Jesus Is King has a release date. It looks like the “born again” rapper is finally done tinkering with the forthcoming album. Ye hopped back on his Twitter account to announce himself that the album will arrive on October 25, the same day when his IMAX film will hit theaters. So […]

Kanye West recently announced during a show at George Washington University, his Jesus Is King album is set to be released on October 25. That is if he is done tinkering with the project. This latest news may serve as a sign that the album is on the way. IMAX is launching tickets to what […]

Kanye West’s Album Is Probably Not Dropping on Friday. We say “probably” because, well, you just never know. But XXL reports that an “insider” says Jesus Is King will not be dropping on Friday as expected. That said, yesterday wife Kim Kardashian retweeted a tweet that states, “Two more days Jesus is King.” Def Jam has […]