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Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers

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NBA players are not only fierce competitors on the court but off the court as well, particularly when it comes to their drip.


Case in point, Serge Ibaka, who is no slouch when it comes to fashion and his fellow Raptors’ teammate OG Anunoby. During a recent episode of  Uninterrupted’s show AVEC CLASSE, Ibaka and Anunoby hilariously went back and forth after the third-year player had the cojones to say he influenced Serge’s style.

In the clip which has gone viral, the 22-year-old Anunoby runs down different fashion trends he claims he put 30-year-old Ibaka onto. Of course, Serge swatted every notion like an attempt at the rim during an NBA game leading OG to shift the focus on one last garment… scarves.

The back and forth between the two Raptors teammates is absolutely legendary in which we were gifted with a quotable that will live forever from Ibaka, “I don’t dress, OG. I do art, bro!”

If you thought the discussion about scarves would stop there, you were mistaken. The debate sparked a pre-game battle between the two fashionistas. Ahead of their game with the Indiana Pacers, OG showed up with a Burberry scarf wrapped around his head, thinking he shut the discussion down.

Cute. Serge Ibaka took it to another level, basically rocking a scarf equivalent to a hand-knitted blanket, and he wore it quite well might we add.

Well played Serge, well played. Ibaka definitely won the #Scaroff battle between himself and OG, but we all know who is the real king of scarves and might have something to say about this competition, and that person is Lenny Kravitz. #Neverforget

We sincerely hope this fashion competition between Serge & OG is a thing all season long because it’s highly entertaining. The Toronto Raptors are currently on a 12-game winning streak, a franchise-best. You can watch Annoby challenge Ibaka for the fashion crown in its entirety below.

Photo: Jason Miller / Getty