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In this day and age, players are more connected with their fans than ever before. Players can reach out and talk directly to fans without the middleman that can be the media. While this can be troublesome when not used correctly, it can also be a very rewarding experience for the fans.

The latest collaboration between Lebron James‘ media company UNINTERRUPTED and Pandora is now making it possible for fans to get a first-hand glimpse of what their favorite athletes listen to while warming up on the court, during shootaround, and during long road trips.

These playlists will be exclusively available to subscribers and the first athlete is of course, none other than LeBron James. His “Revenge SZN” playlist, titled for his first season missing the playoffs in over 15 years, features some nice tunes. DaBaby’s “Intro,” 2Pac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah,” JAY-Z’s “Politics as Usual,” and Meek Mill’s “100 Summers,” are just some of the tracks Bron listens to pre game. Other athletes will be released soon, that includes Rob Gronkowski, Dion Waiters, Odell Beckham Jr., Chiney Ogwumike, Mo Bamba, and many more. Each list will have an intro voiced by the player, and feature 25 tracks of their choosing.

Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer of SiriusXM, said “We are very excited to collaborate with UNINTERRUPTED, a unique and innovative content creator, to allow listeners to make a deeper connection with their favorite athletes,” said Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer of SiriusXM in a press release. “Through this exclusive offering, we are providing listeners with access to the music the athletes are listening to, whether warming up or working out to prepare for a game or just what they listen to in their free time … Music and sports are strongly linked and this creative partnership will create a unique listening experience that brings together both worlds.”

Stream The King’s playlist here.