Power, Season 6, Episode 10

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It took a long time but WE. ARE. FINALLY. HERE. We had to endure some episodes that we could have passed on like the one entirely dedicated to Paz, but hopefully, we will be rewarded for our patience. With the final episode of Power literally just hours away (for those who didn’t watch the leak), we sat down and thought about the things we hope to see in Sunday’s epic conclusion to the Starz hit drama.

Who Shot Ghost?

Power, Season 6, Episode 12, It's All Your Fault

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Well, duh, of course, we want to know who shot our favorite drug lord/ night club owner/ almost politician. We already know that Paz, Councilman Tate, Dre, and his brother Tommy didn’t pull the trigger. With those names crossed off the list that leaves Cooper Saxe, Ghost’s ex-wife, Natasha, his wannabe gangster son Tariq and a wild card Ramona ( a long shot).

But chances are incredibly high that Natasha or Riq killed Ghost because its the most obvious choice, let’s not play dumb here. BUT if that is indeed the case, we just hope it doesn’t come with a thud and Courtney A. Kemp, and her stable of writers deliver the reveal of James St. Patrick’s killer in a fashion that is satisfactory to Power’s devoted fanbase. It would suck to have waited all this time, avoided massive leaks only for one of television’s most pivotal moments to come and go.

Fitting Ends For The Remaining Characters

Power Season 6, Episode 608

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Closing out popular television shows is no easy task, look no further than The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and Lost which left their fans highly disappointed. With Power, it has a chance to be remembered as one of the shows to not come up short with its series finale and give its remaining characters the proper send-offs they deserve.

Love him or hate him, even Riq deserves a great ending, so does Tasha, Saxe and even Blanca. With that said, we hope that Power writers tie up all of the remaining loose ends in the show. We already know Tommy —who had one of the best episodes in Power’s history — drove off into the sunset on his way to Los Angeles after making peace with a dying James St. Patrick. We also know he will be continuing his story in one of the many spinoffs coming.

We would hope the same can be said for the remaining characters that survived the show that has no issues killing people off. They made it this far, so it’s the least they deserve, right?  We wouldn’t mind seeing Riq somehow getting what he deserved for being an ungrateful brat. That’s highly unlikely at this point.

A Look At What’s Ahead

Method Man as Davis Maclean in Power Book II: Ghost'

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If you didn’t know Starz is basically building the equivalent to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) with Power after announcing there will be multiple shows spawning from the hit show. Already revealed is Method Man and Mary J. Blige starring in Power Book II: Ghost, which will serve as a direct follow-up to the final season of Power.

With that said, we would love to see following the revelations of Sunday’s series finale how the show will lead us into Power Book II: Ghost and possibly hint at the other three shows that were described as prequels, sequels, and spinoffs. According to Starz President and CEO, Jeffrey Hirsch, there are two writer’s rooms, so we can only assume they cooking up the plots as we speak.

So if we get a special appearance from Method Man or Mary J. Blige in the final episode, that would be a fantastic treat for fans. Regardless of the outcome, make sure to follow us on Twitter @CassiusLife_ for our live commentary of the Power series finale and, of course, check back here for our final recap.

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