A fresh face is how you start your day

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Growing up, I remember my brother was referred to as “metrosexual” a lot. He is a straight guy who always took care of his skin and facial hair during a time when homophobic folks labeled that as too feminine. So, guys like my bro were thrown into a box created to “other” them, but he didn’t care — in Harlem, “pretty boys” were in and keeping up with your look was a sign of wealth, while dirty nails and a bad shape up were literally girl repellant. Having grown up during a less accepting time, I’m excited to see Black men of every kind talk skin and haircare openly these days. The fact is, y’all have skin too — and taking care of it is mandatory if you want to continue to look youthful as you age.

Recently, a young Black man posted a shirtless photo of himself rocking a face mask and wrote “Let’s start A thread of Black men doing skincare here pls.” With that call-to-action, his peers mobilized. From tumeric masks to the benefits of aloe vera, Black men seem to be knee-deep in skincare knowledge and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Hit the flip to get in to a couple moments from @Soouizzz’s thread.

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