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Twitter has been in a heated debate over how much a date should cost. So, let me put this myth to bed real quick –— no woman who’s actually worth your energy will constantly clock how much you spend on her during a night out, as long as she’s having a good time. That said, there are a few factors that any person, male, female, or otherwise, should take into consideration.

1. If a woman actually likes you, she’s mostly just happy to be spending time with you doing ANYTHING fun.

Whether I’m on a date with a guy I just met or a guy I’ve been seeing for some time, the most important thing to me has always been that I’m treated with care. Making me, and most other women, feel special has more to do with your attentiveness, charm, and consideration — and a lot less to do with money. Women love to know you pay attention to the small details, in regard to what she likes and what makes her feel good. So, stop worrying about the bottom line so much and figure out the everyday things that make her smile.

2. Whether you spend $200 or $20, no amount of money makes up for bad company.

You can blow a rack on me and still be an *ss. No amount of money or gifts can make up for the fact that we have no chemistry.

3. While it’s unnecessary to break the bank for a nice time out, you shouldn’t be inviting a woman out if you’re stressed about covering her tab.

I say this with love: If you’re not in a place to spend money comfortably, you’ve got to be real with yourself instead of getting defensive when you’re expected to come out of pocket. Or, at the very least, you should be honest enough to say “Hey, can’t break the bank right now but I’d like to spend some time with you. Mind if we eat in and watch a movie?” Any woman (who is worth your energy!) will appreciate your honesty and be happy that you still want to find a way to spend time.

4. No one likes a cheapskate.

Regardless of how much money you do or don’t have, absolutely NO ONE likes to feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. Again, if you are not in a place to spend comfortably, be mindful of where you take your lady. Because cheapskate behavior is noticed — by everyone, man, woman, or otherwise.

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