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Check out the bad, the more bad and the bigly moments from this week in the Trump presidency:

Friday, July 7

  • Donald Trump channeled his inner Maino and thanked his haters in Poland by tweeting, “Thank you to everyone, including the haters, for the great reviews of the speech!”

Thursday, July 6

  • During Trump’s visit with Poland’s President, he questioned Russia’s involvement in the election, by saying, “I think it was Russia, and it could have been other people in other countries… Nobody really knows.”
  • When asked about the CNN wrestling video, Trump said the media conglomerate took it too seriously.

Wednesday, July 5

  • Throwing shots at China once again, the President remarked that trading between China and North Korea are up, despite him trying to work with China. But hey, he gave it a try.
  • Not understanding how allies work, Trump thinks the USA has made some of the worst trade deals in history.

Monday, July 3

  • A video surfaced on Reddit of Trump wrestling a person with a CNN logo on his head. Aaaaand Trump tweeted it. So much for not inciting violence.
  • North Korea decided to launch a missile test that doubled as a warning to America. Trump responded by asking, “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”