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Protests Erupt After Minnesota Officer Acquitted In Killing Of Philando Castile

Source: Stephen Maturen / Getty

Big Facts

Not only was Officer Jeronimo Yanez acquitted on all charges in the murder of Philando Castile, but he will leave his department $48,500 richer, according to The Associated Press. It’s a part of a separation agreement with his police department, HuffPost explains. The City of St. Anthony, Minn. said in a statement: “A reasonable voluntary separation agreement brings to a close one part of this horrible tragedy. The City concluded this was the most thoughtful way to move forward and help the community-wide healing process proceed.” Amazing.

Big Lies

Word on the street is Donald Trump Jr. was aware of Russia’s efforts to boost his father’s chances of winning the presidency in the 2016 election. As a matter of fact, Trump Jr. allegedly set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer after being promised “damaging information” about Hillary Clinton, according to sources (White House advisers) of The New York Times. “The accounts of the meeting represent the first public indication that at least some in the campaign were willing to accept Russian help,” NYT reports. And the plot continues to thicken.

In other news, folks seem to think The Rock may be running for president in 2020. Save us, Dwayne Johnson.


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