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Coronavirus cases rise to 319 in UK

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Coronavirus has absolutely everyone shook — all except millennials, who seem to be taking advantage of the dip in flight prices. Still, folks are trying to do their part in containing the deadly virus, to the extent that even strip clubs are joining in on all the disinfecting fun. Well, two strip clubs, in particular.

“For Las Vegas residents looking to get their hands on some hand sanitizer, local strip club Little Darlings is looking to fill that need,” KSNV reports, adding “The club announced early Friday morning that it is giving away 50,000 free bottles of hand sanitizer in light of the coronavirus outbreak. For the entire month of March and while supplies last, each guest at the club will get a free bottle.”

One of the club’s managers, LeAnna DaPoint, released a statement saying that while it may seem silly, they want their guests to stay healthy.

“[A]n opportunity to help with the Coronavirus scare is extremely important to us. Las Vegas is a tourist mecca, and we have to do everything possible to stay virus-free. It might seem silly, but we take the health of our guests very seriously. Being the most popular adult club in Las Vegas, we have to ensure the show will go on!,” DaPoint commented, according to KSNV.

TMZ also reports Deja Vu Showgirls is giving away free face masks to the first 10,000 paying customers over in Tampa. Do these announcements ease your concern at all? Be sure to let us know.