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As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, don’t get caught slippin’ on your beard game. The extra humidity that summer temps bring requires you to put in some extra time to maintain peak follicle health.

CASSIUS caught up with Neville Hall, Jr.— co-founder of Bold Beardsmen— to create a game plan for maintaining a healthy beard throughout the summer grind. Catch his tips below.


Maintaining a beard can be time consuming once you factor in the hustle and bustle that the summer often brings. Shave time off your schedule— literally— by cutting your beard a bit lower. You can also get away with applying beard balms and oils less often— just be sure to wash and condition your beard more often due to increased activity. This will keep your skin and facial hair moisturized, while removing the sweat, dust and dirt that tends to build up much faster during warmer months.


Every man should own the following products to ensure their beard is healthy, strong and most importantly stands out from the crowd:

  • Beard Balm: Necessary for nailing the three S’s—softness, shine and smell— beard balm is great for coarse and curly hair patterns. It detangles and softens while reducing acne and dandruff-causing inflammation.
  • Beard Oil: This is your styling go-to. Beard oil serves as a great moisturizer, infusing hair with luster and shine.
  • Beard Conditioner: This is the secret weapon for moisture and hydration. Good conditioners do an excellent job at mixing mild ingredients with carrier oils that moisturize, hydrate and clean your beard. This gives it a rich, cleansing feeling, preventing dullness and dryness, while soothing itching and irritation.
  • Beard Comb: Contrary to popular belief, not every comb has the quality in construction to serve as a beard comb. Stick to models with wooden teeth that can cut through your beard without damaging skin or causing split ends.


Avoid these beard maintenance don’ts:


  • Presculpting: Men starting their beard journeys should avoid sculpting in the early stages of growth to ensure as much fullness as full as possible. A general rule of thumb for beginners is to wait about four-six weeks. Understanding the shape of your face and hair growth pattern will inform you on how to properly shape your beard.
  • Neglecting what’s underneath: Moisturizing and treating your beard is essential for full and healthy beard growth and the same rule applies to the skin beneath it. Use beard products that show extra love to your skin for optimal results.
  • Using harsh products:  Avoid using products that contain dyes, artificial fragrances and lanolin, as these can cause irritation, dryness and clogged pores. Harsh soaps are also moisture-and-oil-stripping culprits and should never be used.

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