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So, we know Power is just a storyline, right? Well, for some fans, their beef with Lela Loren’s character Angela Valdez is as real as it could be.

In an Instagram post since deleted, Loren responded to the incessant nasty comments she’s endured since her love interest on the show, Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) was imprisoned under her character’s wrong intel. “For those of you who seem unable to separate storytelling from reality– there’s help for that. Go get it,” she wrote, as reported by Latin Times.

Luckily, for every crazed fan, there are a ton more in her corner. Just a scroll through her Instagram comments or Twitter shows that Power enthusiasts are coming to Loren’s support.

Love or hate Angela, it’s clear that Loren is definitely doing her thing to cause such a stir. But her safety’s most important.