The famed WNBA athlete takes up space and we love to see it. Head inside.

Kanye West‘s legal troubles usually involve his bizarre rant-like behavior, but now his acts have allegedly become physical. According to TMZ, he’s a suspect in a battery case, with a man claiming Ye punched him in the face Tuesday night in California. But it appears Ye was just defending his wife because the man allegedly […]

Nelly has proved that sometimes it’s actually okay to spin the block on an ex. The St. Louis rapper and Ashanti have announced the engaged couple is pregnant with their first child. Ashanti confirmed the news with Essence, and she is happy to share this first-time experience with her supportive fans and loved ones. “This […]

Acolytes of the MAGA world are, apparently, big mad that yet another celebrity from “Hollyweird” has come right out and denounced Donald Trump. Actor Alan Ritchson, star of the hit series Reacher, sat down for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, which was published earlier this month, and the 41-year-old challenged conservative Christians on why they […]

Kai Cenat has found himself trending again, and it’s not for his trolling ways. In a rare serious situation, the Twitch streamer is embroiled in a controversy with a woman. Days ago, an OnlyFans creator nicknamed Layla Red—real name Kierra Rush—took to social media to leak photos of her in bed with Cenat. Red’s attempting […]

The NBA is in good hands when it comes to young sports personalities covering the major leagues. One of the best talents to emerge is Taylor Rooks, a St. Louis native, and any avid sports fans will know she’s everywhere– NBA on TNT, Thursday Night Football, and Bleacher Report. Today, the sports broadcaster celebrates her […]

Celebrities are just like us. You’ll be having a regular conversation with an older person in your family, and suddenly, they make one of the most offensive remarks about another race or gender. Now, one of those moments happened to Billy Dee Williams while appearing on an episode of Bill Maher‘s Club Random podcast. Most […]

O.J. Simpson, one of the most famous running backs in NFL history, has passed away at the age of 76. The news comes from O.J.’s official X/Twitter account, in a note from his family that reveals he passed away from cancer. The tweet also notes that he was around family at his time of passing […]

Canadian beauty Shay Mitchell –who just turned 37– has been on the scene for a minute now. Her first big break came as Emily Fields on ABC’s Pretty Little Liars from 2009 to 2015. Then she was spotted again in the first season of Netflix hit You as one of Joe Goldberg’s many victims. But […]

Jonathan Majors has avoided any major consequences, but he’ll still have to pay for being found guilty of assaulting ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. In court Monday morning, Judge Michael Gaffey sentenced Majors to a conditional discharge. Both the defense and prosecution agreed that while Majors may have committed a crime, it doesn’t warrant jail time, especially […]

There are certain celebs who just aren’t doing an adequate job of reading the room in regard to the increasing controversy and turmoil surrounding deeply embattled music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Last week, in response to news of Diddy’s numerous rape and sex trafficking allegations, Tyrese felt it was absolutely necessary to express his support and […]

Stevie J has apparently about had it with 50 Cent and his existence as a professional internet troll, which includes his constant trolling of embattled (to put things mildly) music mogul Diddy. Unfortunately, for Stevie, all the R&B producer—who was included in a sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones—has […]