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The world as we know it practically changed overnight. Bars, theaters, and other social spots across the nation are closing, entire countries have gone in to complete lock down, schools are closing, and adults are working from home in perpetuity — all thanks to Coronavirus. And, as we all look for ways to amuse ourselves and avoid cabin fever, there’s a new source of entertainment that just might do the trick. It’s a Chrome extension called Netflix Party.

“Netflix Party lets you and others not only watch movies and TV shows on Netflix at the same time, but also chat,” Gizmodo reports. “The layout is similar to Twitch, with video taking up most of the screen and a chat box on the right side. It’s easy to set-up, too: install the Chrome extension, open Netflix and start watching something, then click on the red ‘NP’ logo that now appears in your Chrome toolbar, and share the link with anyone you want to join. They will also need the extension installed for it to work properly, or else it will just direct them to Netflix without connecting them to your watch party.” The site goes on to say that right now Netflix Party doesn’t support switching shows/movies or changing the episode, but it’s one of many features being worked on, in addition to emojis, built-in voice chat, and more.

In other Coronavirus-related news, the very first patient received an experimental vaccine for the deadly virus in a clinical trial this week and Keri Hilson got dragged for tweeting conspiracy theories about how the pandemic started. We’ll continue to keep you informed on the good, the bad, and the ugly.