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SPOTTED: Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee’s braided rattail.

WHERE:  2017 NBA Playoffs

CASSIUS SAYS: Hell no! Certain trends should stay in the past. McGee’s rattail is definitely a stand-out, but not in the good way. This look grew in popularity in the ’80s and stuck around throughout the ’90s but, even after both Kodak Black and McGee’s attempts at bringing it back, it’s still an epic fail.

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two

Source: Noah Graham / Getty

GET THE LOOK: Not sure why anyone would want to recreate this nightmare of a look, but you’ll need to start with growing out your hair. Your barber should only shape up the top and sides, allowing the back to grow until you reach your desired length.

USE THIS: Buly 1803 Tortoiseshell Rake Comb ($70; MRPORTER.COM)

STYLE IT: Apply moisturizer, then comb out your hair. Create vertical parts, separating hair into small sections. Braid each section and go.

TRY THIS: Cantu Men’s Cream Pomade (4.99;

A few weeks ago, McGee shared this adorable video with his durag-wearing newborn. Wonder if he’s prepping her for her own version of the look? The cute one!