Amber Rose joined Joe Budden, Nadeska, and DJ Akademiks for the latest episode of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle.” In the hour-long conversation, she goes into depth about what it’s like for a woman to be mistreated based on dating history, her revolutionary SlutWalk, best friend Blac Chyna’s baby daddy troubles, and even the perils of her very public relationship with Kanye West. We learn a lot about Muva during the chat, but our biggest takeaway is that she’s sounding (and looking) more bossed up than ever.

Check out the full video, plus some highlights below.

Amber on dating in the entertainment industry: “I’m in the entertainment business. Whether people like it or not, the fame was handed to me, but I figured out what to do with it and how to make money from it and how to start my own career. Even with me being with 21, we get a lot of shit because it’s like, ‘Ugh, another guy in the music business?’ But why would I compromise my heart and my feelings for someone because ‘what are motherfuckers gonna say on the Internet?’ Like, why do I really care? Why am I not gonna be happy because somebody else got some shit to say?

Amber on calling women ‘sluts’ based on sexual conduct (in response to Joe Budden): “You’re saying ‘behavior.’ So, these are women that are consensually having sex with men that they actually want to have sex with, right? What’s the problem?”… “No one says, ‘These men are actually having consensual sex with these women as well?’ They’re both having consensual sex with each other. Why does it have to be torn down to derogatory labels at that point? Because you’re uncomfortable with the fact that a woman is owning her sexuality and it’s okay for her to say, ‘You know what? I like that entertainer and I’m gonna fuck him.’ That makes y’all feel uncomfortable.

Amber on Blac Chyna dealing with Rob Kardashian media backlash: I taught Chyna a lot about feminism and now she’s living it. She’s living out all the bullshit, basically… Chyna is an amazing mom, she’s an amazing person, she’s extremely loving. I was around when her and Rob first met and I’ll tell you firsthand that they very much loved each other. And it was very real…I watched it. They both wanted to have Dream. It wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t entrapment, it wasn’t anything like that. People look at Chyna and [say]: ‘She got Rob for everything, child. She taking his money.’ She’s not that type of person and neither am I. We’re not out trying to finesse motherfuckers. We have our own money. People fail to realize, we got money. We got… cars, I live in a $4 million mansion. Ain’t nobody buy that fucking shit for me. I worked my ass off, I wasn’t supposed to have that shit, but I worked my ass off to get it. Me and Chyna got money—we’re straight. I remember when her and Rob met, how they fell in love and how happy they were. They’re just not happy anymore. That’s life, it just happens.

On Rob posting Chyna’s personal naked photos: “That’s some sucker ass shit. That’s some fuckboy ass shit. You don’t do that.” Later she adds, “You can’t do shit like that. It’s time to grow up and handle your business properly. And you have a kid that’s gonna forever see that shit.”

On being bullied by Kanye West during his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy stage: “… Maybe [the album] is just how he looked at the situation, I don’t know. It’s a great part of history and hip hop and that’s cool and I’m happy to be a part of it, but that time was not a great time for me because I’m famous and I’m broke. I don’t have any money, no money—we weren’t married, he didn’t owe me shit and I had to figure out what I was gonna do with the fame and with my life at that time.”

Later she adds, “I didn’t get a head start. Let’s just say that. Motherfuckers get a head start, they come from money, their families come from money, or they get a check from their parents and shit. I grew up very poor in Philly. I didn’t have shit. I didn’t even have a bed growing up. I had to sleep on the floor with my mom. So, for me, to have that type of fame with a man—or not even fame, but just like a lifestyle with a man—and then not have it anymore, but still walk out my house and still have paparazzi outside but with no money… so I had to figure that out. Not including the fact that you and a lot of people on the internet are constantly poking and fucking with me, while I’m going through this hard time. Then it’s like, I can’t date anybody else, I can’t say anything on the internet because Kanye has such a voice. Imagine being me. It’s constant scrutiny. If I was gonna kill myself, I would’ve done it during those times.”

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