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If you have zero dollars in the bank, rest assured that you are not alone—but is that a good thing? Not really.

According to, 62 percent of adults who participated in a recent survey copped to having less than $1000 in the bank. Now, while most savings talk is focused on the ever so important emergency fund, there is a bigger miss here: if you don’t have savings you literally can’t afford to have fun. Without even a little stash, you’re probably financing vacations, baecations, brunches and dinners— basically any purchase that’s more than $100. A life with no savings means a life in debt.

Without savings you’ll have to rely on consumer credit, which may ensure you have a few awesome memories but guarantees that you’ll stay broke. It also means that when you actually want to embark on something bigger— from moving to a new apartment or house or rainy day emergencies— you have nothing.

No savings means a life in debt.

Saving isn’t fun, but it’s also worth it. There are few things better than saying, “I got it” when something really matters.

Why be average? Get your savings up. Here’s how.

1 Actually save, even a little.

If you save $20 per week for 52 weeks you’ll have $1040 by the end of the year. If that’s too much try $10. Either way, pick a small amount of money to stash away every week and stick to it. Make it a priority. And… put it in an account you can’t touch. Consider stashing it in a local bank or an account you don’t have a debit card to and don’t touch it.

2 Work overtime.

Have a job that issues extra hours? Take it. Let your bosses know that you’re up for extra paid hours for the next two-three months (give them a timeframe so you’re not stuck being their go-to), show up, do a superb job and save every extra cent you make—no splurges. The few months of sacrifices will be worth it.

3 Find freelance/part time/side hustle work.

Think about what talent, skill or opportunity you want to monetize and get busy selling your services. The goal is to find something that either gives you a high rate of return cash wise, so you only have to do it for a short period of time to get to $1000, or that you love so much you won’t mind doing for a few months to get to your goal.

4 Skip extras for two-three months.

While it’s cool to be a summer savage, consider making a few different decisions once the temperatures get cooler. Make the fall season a time when you vow to skip brunching, happy hours, dinners, etc… and save the amount you’d typically spend.

5 Sell something… anything.

Everyone has a few valuable things that they don’t need or want. Hawk them. Let your friends and colleagues know what’s available and if they aren’t interested go to the Internet and find a site that will maximize your profits.

6 Let your friends know.

You don’t have to go into detail but let those you trust know that you are looking for opportunities to earn a little extra income. Encourage them to let you know about anything they hear—and do a good job on any referrals they send your way.