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Summer Savage: How to Finesse Your Roster

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So now that we’re a little bit deeper into the summer, which means you should be in your groove, right? You know the hottest parties to hit up and have at least a nod-and-step kinda rapport with all of the baddies who’ve become regulars at the spots you frequent and… you’ve finally amassed your own starting line-up.

But now there’s a new issue.

It’s all fun and games until bae one and two end up at the same party. Read this very carefully: Don’t bitch up. Requesting an Uber and slinking out of the room is not an option. Remember, you’re a savage. The key to truly mastering savagery is learning how to finesse the tightest and toughest situations. When life gives you lemons, you better add water, spike the shit out of it and make some bomb-a$$ lemonade.

Get ready for an interesting night. Here’s how to handle yourself in this sticky situation.

1. Divide Your Time Up Right

Okay, two people you’re talking to are at the same event. The good news is that you didn’t invite either, so you’re technically off the hook. Don’t let your nerves have you thinking you need to act like you’re on a double date—you ain’t. The worst thing you can do is spend more time with one than the other. Don’t play favorites. Check in on each of them every now and then to make sure all parties feel a little love. Work the entire room to keep things neutral. If you wanna do it big, go ahead and cop each of them a drink. It might be more expensive for you, but hey, this wildin’ life is the one you chose for yourself—now pay for it.

2. PDA? Hell, No

You don’t want to get caught up slipping your hands into compromising places. If one catches you getting it in with the other, your cover is instantly blown. Calm yourself (and both of them down), keep your fingers on the drinks and play it cool. If they ask why you’re on chill mode, flirt it up on the low with a promise that you’ll make up for it later.

3. Don’t Get Drunk

This one is easily explainable. If you’re going to finesse your way through life for the night, you better stay sober enough to keep your story straight. You don’t want any name switch-ups or general messiness, so make sure you’re counting your drinks.

4. Spend Most of the Time With Your Friends

Let’s be real—you honestly came to kick it with your day ones. Hide in the truth. Avoid giving too much time to any love interest by reminding her or him that you’re there to chill with your peeps…and have fun. Shorties come and go, but your friends are the ones who you’ll make the trillest memories with.