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Cuffing season (Read: relationship lockdown) is over, the weather is warmer, and—more than likely—you’re wondering how to best shoot that next shot. But hold up! The stars say there’s a lot to consider.

According to astrologer and writer Mecca Woods, who breaks down some universal truths for CASSIUS, the Spring Equinox that occurred on March 20 was the ultimate game changer. “On that particular day, there were up to six planets in fire signs,” Woods explains. “Whenever you have a huge presence of fiery energy, everything is very turnt up. This explains why things have been  so hot when it comes  social media, the streets, and even in politics.

In other words: on top of all of this lit energy, everyone’s trying to figure their ish out.

At the same time, Mars, “the planet of momentum and action” (which also guides Aries), had been in Taurus since about early March, and now Venus has entered Aries. “Venus being in Aries creates a very fiery energy and Aries has a thing about it that pushes the ‘me first’ attitude. There’s going to be that pull to be impulsive and kind of jump into relationships because Aries is very passionate in terms of falling in love very quickly, but doesn’t always stay in love.”

Expect lots of action.

We had Mecca break down what’s going on based on your sign, with a translation from our resident BRUHstrologist—Associate Entertainment Editor Cory Townes. Here’s what’s on deck:

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

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The Astrologist Says:

Earth signs tend to take on a lot. They’re the ones who are willing to get their hands dirty and do the work of heavy lifting in relationships. Unfortunately, issues arise when you begin to get overwhelmed, which can also encourage rigidity and angst when attempting to do something different. When it comes to relationships, earth signs should look for partners who are able to open them up to different approaches to their daily routine—whether it’s new schools of thought, unique ways of living or an easier way to travel. You should also be on the hunt for folks with complementary personalities who will help you move into something unexpected, such as a different career or revamping personal style.

The BRUHstrologist Says:

Alright, so I know it feels like you’re the one who’s always texting first or laughing at potential bae’s jokes on the timeline—even when they aren’t THAT funny. But it’s all good, that’s what you do. You’re down to set up situations for you and yours to enjoy some nice quality time, even if it means laying up to catch that show on Netflix they’ve been nagging you to watch together . But look, don’t let yourself get all befuddled. Once you take a look at your text thread and see there’s way more blue than grey you’ll likely realize it’s time to pull back. Oh, yeah, try to keep an open mind on things. Find someone who’s down to suggest new places to hit up, stuff you’ve never tried before. You deserve that Popeyes picnic in the park and the trip to Thailand, G.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


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The Astrologist Says:

Aries, Leos and Sags are often pegged as free spirits. Now, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t marriage material or minded—it likely just takes some time. This is a period of learning. During this cycle, you’re being taught to be more thoughtful about who and how you invest your time. You’re also starting to understand that you can’t tackle all of life’s issues solo. A lot of fire signs like to be independent, but you’re learning how to balance that independence with being in a relationship. In terms of your approach to romance, every fire sign needs to be very mindful that vulnerability and a partnership are not a threat to independence. A supportive significant other will only enhance your life.

The BRUHstrologist Says:

Yeah, the weather is getting warmer, and you know what that means: your hotline is about to start blinging—from old work looking to re-connect after brunch after knocking back about ten mimosas, to the new work you meet at your homie’s kickback with the smooth skin and the nice teeth. But what should you do about the real one who’s been holding you down all winter long with the your fave Seamless spots and the HBO Go password? I know you made sure to keep things “up in the air” and all, but “going with the flow” all the time might leave you drowning in the waves, G. Going after new work is always fun, but knowing when you have a good one on your side already is important. Take heed in who you give your time to, Fam. And don’t sweat it. Having someone with you isn’t going to cramp your style, in fact, having your bed made, Brita pitcher filled and early morning co-showers is kinda fire.

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

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The Astrologist Says:

Enjoy learning more about boundaries during this period. People who are born under Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces signs tend to want to merge and melt into their lover. Sadly, the lack of boundaries can lead to power struggles and hurt feelings or giving too much of yourself to other people and not really knowing where you stand and the other person ends. What you’re learning right now is to be more mindful of having healthier boundaries with loved ones. It’s time to approach relationships with balance. Carefully calculate how much you give and how much you receive from another person and make sure that there’s an equitable exchange established between yourself and any lover.

The BRUHstrologist Says:

I know you’ve been dodging the “What are we?” press-out a lot more, but you have to remain vigilant. Make sure you want to settle down because this is you, not out of convenience. Last thing you want is to do relationship things with someone you’re not really feeling, and having someone end up with hurt feelings, and Carl Thomas or Anthony Hamilton or Mary J. Blige playing on repeat during shower time. Set the tone off early, and everything should be straight. Oh, and be careful of the ones who are pressing you cause you’re not putting them on your Instagram or appearing on their Snapchat. Make sure they want to be there because they want to be there.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

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The Astrologist Says:

Air signs are learning to be a little bit more selfish, and it’s interesting because people who don’t understand air signs believe they’re already all about self, but if you’re an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra you have a deep desire to share information, time and energy with other people. You’re very much about your team… so it’s ironic that you can end up in relationships that are very superficial or that lack depth. Right now air signs are learning to look for partners who have more substance. You also have to work on prioritizing, which means taking care of your needs before rushing to save the day when it comes to others. When it comes to love, look for people with integrity, who back up their words, offer support and bring something to the table.

The BRUHstrologist Says:

Look, fam. I know the dude or dudette’s selfies always hit 200+ on the ‘gram but that’s not going to keep your attention and interest long-term. Since you’re so into finding the right vibes within people, dip by the pitfall that will make you’re more likely to fall for a shorty for all the wrong reasons. Dig a little deeper before you find yourself sharing the last wing or chicken finger with the one that you’re gonna end up hating in a couple months. Does he or she say those corny jokes that legit make you laugh? Do he or she find a way to tug on your feelings when you’re around them? Is their bonnet or durag collection extensive? These are the questions you need to answer before you give up yourself, and 78.1% of your bed.