Love still hasn’t dealt with B.I.G.’s death, and maybe he (and we) never will.

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Grown-ups don't have "situationships," they make choices. What's yours?


Looks like Bad Boy's home team is ready to rumble.

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Joe Budden’s Instagram declaration of love and promise to his partner Cyn Santana, and excitement over their pregnancy, is dope. It’s nice to see folks happy. Still, amazing pics aside, it’s important to remember that social media is only a highlight reel of awesome life moments. Making a relationship work—particularly after a history of trauma and […]

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Vegetables do a body good. Literally.

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Follow these tips and your partner will happily star in a highlight reel of your freakiest fantasies.

You can effectively slip your way into their (message) box.

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Learning how to touch your bed buddy without getting him or her off may just be the thing that keeps 'em in heat, home, and happy.

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The abundance of dating apps maximizes the chances of everyone connecting with at least one person who can tolerate their quirks.

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Astrologer and writer Mecca Woods tells each sign type how to approach love in the next few weeks, with translation from our very own Cory Townes.

CASSIUS is here to guide you through this tricky, yet inevitable season of ditching winter bae.