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MENSECURE Podcast Cover Art

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CASSIUS is always looking to provide fresh perspectives on modern culture. In a partnership with mobile podcast app Bumpers.Fm, we’re stepping into the podcast lane, and speaking on cultural moments the best way we know how: unapologetically.

Our first series, The MENSECURE Podcast, is dedicated to the happenings of the hit HBO show Insecure from a Black male perspective.

The show is hosted by Cory Townes of CASSIUS and Cultural Commentator Mouse Jones. Each week, they will speak on topics from the show with a unique twist.

The pilot centers on the second episode of Insecure’s new season, and we’re discussing Issa and Lawrence’s spontaneous “romp,” Molly’s difficulties breaking into “the Boys Club” of her law firm, and how Tasha is doing everything right (and wrong).

Take a listen above, follow The MENSECURE Podcast on Twitter, and let us know what you think in the comments below.