Natasha Rothwell made a name for herself in HBO’s groundbreaking series Insecure and expanded on that newfound recognition with a critically acclaimed role in The White Lotus.

The Well

Shows like 'Insecure' and 'Atlanta' focus on the realest issue their audiences face: being broke as hell.

The Well

The “Go High” Black woman is regressive as hell. Here's why.

The Back

On this episode of CasBar, we’re balling out with Sarunas J. Jackson, who plays Dro on everyone’s favorite Sunday night show, Insecure. The homie Michael Wade is repping for CASSIUS again, and with one battle under his belt, we hope he can pull through with the W for Team CASSIUS in NBA 2K18. But first, […]

Issa Rae Hosting Secret ‘Insecure’ Screening in NYC Tonight Insecure stans are about to pop out in New York City tonight. Issa Rae came through first thing Thursday morning at 7 a.m. with a very special surprise. “Hey NYC, I’m doing a secret screening of #Insecure tonight. Clues to come. #InsecureWeek,” she posted on Twitter. Fans […]

Jay Ellis Won’t Be in Season 3 of  ‘Insecure’ Audience members will either be overjoyed or devastated to know that Lawrence will not be making an appearance in Season 3 of Insecure. Issa Rae and Prentice Penny confirmed the news at Insecure Fest in Los Angeles. “We want to stay as true to life as […]


Netflix, Hulu, Freeform, HBO and others are chock full of goodies to keep us inside during bathing suit season.