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The NBA Is Reportedly Eyeing A 25-Day Program In Hopes To Resume Play

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

The NBA is trying its best to find a way to gets its players back on the court in hopes of salvaging the 2019-20 season.


The association has given itself until May to figure out if this season is completely lost due to the coronavirus shutdown. The league’s commissioner, Adam Silver, is trying his best to bring basketball during the global pandemic by asking his employees to bring him ideas and concepts that could possibly save the season.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is reporting one idea the NBA is considering a 25-day program that will help get players ready for potential games.


One of the ideas that has been proposed is a 25-day program for players to go through before they resume gameplay, sources told ESPN.

Under the plan, players would go through an 11-day stretch of individual workouts in which they could maintain some measure of social distancing while ramping up training and activity. Then, if permitted by medical officials, the idea would be to allow for a two-week training camp with entire teams participating.

While the plan sounds hopeful, there is still one looming issue besides the potential of players getting infected with COVID-19, and that is injuries. Medical teams and league executives have expressed concern about the projected timetables for the player’s return to the courts. They are worried due to players following quarantine directives; they are not able to train correctly, likely making them more susceptible to injuries if they do manage to resume play again.

Some league executives believe that players need a full month, at least, to get back into playing form. The NBA and its players have already tried other things to keep NBA fans entertained while hunkered down in their homes. There was the recent NBA 2K Players Tournament that saw Devin Booker defeat his Phoenix Suns teammate DeAndre Ayton to be the first NBA 2K Players Tournament champion.

There was also an H O-R-S-E competition that featured both current and retired ballers from both the NBA and WNBA.

We are holding onto hope for the season to return, but it sounds like this 25-day program is a fullcourt shot that has no chance of going in.

Photo: Icon Sportswire / Getty