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NBA 2K20 x NIke Gamer Exclusive Program

Source: 2K / NBA2k20

It’s not just regular folk who are bored AF at home because of the coronavirus pandemic but your favorite basketball players are too.

When they’re not going live on Instagram or debating the latest producer battle, they’re playing video games. So now the NBA is putting them to the test with a player-only NBA 2K tournament. The league isn’t playing around and wants to launch the competition as soon as Friday, April 3. All of the participants haven’t been locked in but Utah Jazz‘s Donovan Mitchell and free agent DeMarcus Cousins will be picking up the sticks.

The sports world has been on pause since early March as all of the major sports league’s official leaders decided that it was no longer safe for its players to engage in contact as the coronavirus began to spread, and nor was it safe for the thousands of fans packed into stadiums. Initially, leagues like the NBA considered playing games in empty arenas– an idea that LeBron James wasn’t a fan of but eventually came around to it.

“It’s funny because when I was questioned I had no idea that there were conversations going on behind closed doors about the particular virus. Obviously, I would be very disappointed not having those fans there because that’s who I play for. I play for my family and my fans. You gotta listen to the people that are keeping track of what’s going on, & if they feel it’s best for the safety of the players, franchise, and league…to mandate that, then we all listen to it,” he said at the time.

According to Yahoo Sports, details are still being worked on the player-only league, but it will surely come as a welcomed distraction to sports fans.