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Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Flaunts His Wealth To Clapback At Trolls

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It’s no secret that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was paid a sh*t load of money to make the switch from Twitch to Mixer by Microsoft. The exact number remains a mystery, but during a recent streaming session, Ninja hinted at just how significant that payout was when he decided to clap back at a troll.

During a recent streaming session with Twitch user Timthetatman, Ninja decided it was a good time to talk about the trolls that sometimes end up in his streams. Topics they clown him on include Fortnite, of course, him ditching Twitch and his much lower viewer count on Mixer.

It would appear they accomplished his mission and touched a nerve. Ninja’s frustrations bubbled over and responded to those people who have something about his business moves. Ninja pointed out while he doesn’t have the numbers like he used to, he definitely has a lot of dough. So much in fact that he claimed he could buy a bank and forclose on a trolls house.

Oh, that’s how you feel, Ninja?

His rather bold response doesn’t sit well in the video game streaming community because it is highly frowned upon for streamers to boast about their earnings. Mainly because it’s well-known, they make a ton of money due to their exclusivity deals with streaming platforms.

At least he didn’t “accidentally” use the N-word this time.

Ninja’s rise to stardom is a well-documented one. His star quickly rose thanks to the “Drake effect” when the rapper hopped on one of his streams. Since then, he has secured a deal with adidas and has his own apparel and sneakers, a sponsorship deal with Red Bull on top of his move to Mixer, which Forbes estimates could be in the ballpark of $30 million. Speaking of the financial publication, Ninja earned the top spot on its male-dominated and melanin deficient list of highest-paid gamers in 2019. Most of his fortune doesn’t even come from competitive gaming, but just from his endorsement deals.

While we don’t believe he can buy a bank, we take him at his word when it comes to having serious cash flow.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty