The power of social media was on display in NYC on Friday afternoon. It all began when streamer Kai Cenat announced on his Twitch on Wednesday that he’d host a huge PlayStation and other tech items giveaway in Union Square. The impromptu meet-up turned hectic when hundreds of his fans showed up in the city, […]

Drake has spent a lot of time streaming on Twitch lately, in support of the online casino Stake. So one particular streamer opted to gift The 6 God with a tricked out gaming PC that cost nearly $8,000.


Rapper Quavo and "Johnny Football" are working together on a new football league, set to debut in February 2021. In fact, Manziel might even be on one the teams himself.

It's no secret that Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins was paid a sh*t load of money to make the switch from Twitch to Mixer by Microsoft. The exact number remains a mystery, but during a recent streaming session, Ninja hinted at just how significant that payout was when he decided to clap back at a troll.