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Cyn Santana is the funny, sexy, ex-reality star that does a mean Nicki Minaj impression. Now, she’s also credited with getting Joe Budden‘s shit together. It’s no secret the Everyday Struggle cohost was in need of some fine tuning, especially where women were concerned. But since meeting Cyn in 2016, things have been pretty alright for the rapper in the love department.

Now, Cyn and Joe are having a kid and all those old rollercoaster moments of his have us instinctually anxious and holding on for dear life, BUT we’re happy for Joe’s growth and the start of his family with the woman he adores. Love is in the air and we’re hoping Cyn and Joe have a lifetime of happiness to look forward to. Here’s a courtside seat to the year they’ve put in so far. Joe, keep treating your girl right!