Check out some of the reality star's most attention-grabbing photos.

Cyn Santana is the funny, sexy, ex-reality star that does a mean Nicki Minaj impression. Now, she's also credited with getting Joe Budden's shit together.

The Well

Joe Budden’s Instagram declaration of love and promise to his partner Cyn Santana, and excitement over their pregnancy, is dope. It’s nice to see folks happy. Still, amazing pics aside, it’s important to remember that social media is only a highlight reel of awesome life moments. Making a relationship work—particularly after a history of trauma and […] In an announcement on Instagram last night, August 9, Cyn Santana revealed she’s expecting her first child with Joe Budden. Baby news is always exciting, but baby news starring Joe Budden is also a little unnerving. If we’re being honest—and we are—Joe has a long history of tumultuous relationships with women like Tahiry Jose […]