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L    ive Nation has been hit with a lawsuit after a 22-year-old woman died at Hard Fest in Fontana, CA last year.

TMZ reports Roxanne Ngo overdosed on ‘Molly’ at the annual concert and her parents blame the live events company. They claim in their lawsuit that Live Nation ignored the deep-rooted history of drug culture at its concerts, failed to provide enough water for those in attendance, failed to provide enough medical assistance, and also failed to provide enough police to control drug usage.

According to the documents, obtained by the site, the lack of water contributed to Ngo becoming dehydrated after she took Molly. Allegedly showing clear signs of needing water, she eventually collapsed. Her parents also claim there were only four medical stations for nearly 150,000 concertgoers. EMTs were reportedly delayed for over an hour because of the crowd. Ngo went into “full cardiac arrest while waiting for treatment. She was pronounced dead the next day at the hospital,” TMZ reports.

TMZ writes Live Nation will not comment on ongoing litigation.

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