When a young woman or child is missing, an Amber Alert goes out that notifies the public.

California becomes the first state to ban fur sales. The only exemptions are used fur items, taxidermy, leather, cowhide and shearling.

The first-ever cannabis cafe opened in Hollywood on Tuesday. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, is the official name, and it will be the restaurant that will feature cuisines infused with cannabis. Hollywood decided that they would allow eight cannabis consumption licenses, with more than 300 different businesses applying and Lowell Farms was the first to […]


The California State Assembly has approved SB 206, this bill will allow college student athletes to profit off of their likeness, which means they will be able to sign autographs for money, sell their game worn apparel, and personal equipment for money. One interesting thing this appears to do is open up the doors for […]

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We've got the "Finesse" remix on repeat for the rest of the year.

By Tuesday, it had scorched through 31,000 acres of land, and all in just nine hours.

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Authorities say the wife of Kevin Janson Neal—the gunman responsible for a recent shooting rampage in the Rancho Tehama community of California—was found dead inside of their home.

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A shooting in California left four dead and 10 injured on Tuesday, including at least one elementary student.