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Power fans were highly upset when the rest of season 4 mysteriously leaked online by way of poor quality footage posted to Facebook. STARZ even threatened to take legal action against the culprit(s).

But, in a twisted turn of events, the show’s executive producer 50 Cent has taken responsibility for the leak, after initially denying he had anything to do with it. He wrote on Instagram, “POWER ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408. They glad I leaked the sh*t now. #SavageLife. Now watch what I do on BET.”

If you ask  50, STARZ had a feeling it was him all along. Apparently, the network knew 50 was aware HBO series Game of Thrones experienced a spike in ratings when new episodes from the hit show leaked. So, STARZ assumed 50 would want to follow suit with the same tactic to beat GOT in the name of ratings.

Looks like they were right.

“They know I know when Game of [Thrones] leaked they had a spike in ratings. So they looked at me side eyed. LOL 🤦‍♂️,” the rapper wrote in the comment section of the photo above about a week ago.

We’re not sure if STARZ will actually take the Power star and executive producer to court, but we are sure that this time around 50’s mischievous ways were nothing short of infuriating. So, thanks for that, 50… if you’re even behind the leak, that is.

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