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Discussions of body image in the media most often center women and girls; think of all the times you’ve read/heard/scrolled past stories about the pressure to have an hourglass shape and the increasingly popular plastic surgery procedures being used to achieve it, with a social media driven-movement to celebrate the natural diversity of the female form serving, at times, as a rebuttal. When it comes to weight—while much has been said about the 57% of adult Black women who considered medically obese (aka significantly overweight), some would argue that the 38% percentage of Black men who have the same classification shouldn’t be dismissed as a small number, no pun intended.

Yet, we have yet to see a massive ‘body posi’-moment pushing for more media representation of guys who don’t have 6-pack-abs or slim model figures, nor do we often hear about what living life in a large frame feels like. Perhaps, as pop culture would have us believe, weight isn’t as much of a social cross to bear for men and boys as it is for women and girls? Maybe, maybe not.

Team CASSIUS decided it was time for some dialogue. We gathered a diverse group of large and in-charge Black men to talk about the good, the bad and the uncomfortable experiences they’ve had while living in plus-size bodies.

Join us for a look at The BIG Picture, our 4-part series on men and weight.

Part 1-“How I Got Here”: Our panelists discuss their path to living large. [CLICK TO WATCH]

Part 2- “Getting Naked”: Raw talk about sex, dating and mating. [CLICK TO WATCH]

Part 3-“Fitting In”: The fellas weigh in on fashion, personal style and getting fresh with limited options. [CLICK TO WATCH]

Part 4-“Man in the Mirror”: The final installment of our talk focuses on personal identity. [CLICK TO WATCH]