Oprah Winfrey's decades-long struggle with weight, often chronicled on her long-running talk show seemingly came to an end in the last year when she was photographed with a noticeably slimmer appearance.

An unforgettable day is loading on social media, and like many of those instances, Donald Trump is to blame. The former president has been arrested four times this year, but Thursday’s is special because it came with his first mugshot. Trump’s arrest at the Fulton County jail in Georgia was based on his conspiring to […]

This isn't the first time Barkley has gone viral for fat-shaming others; head inside.

The Well

We continue our look into the lives of plus-sized Black men with a NSFW-discussion about dating and mating.  Host Jamilah Lemieux gets CASSIUS colleagues Cory Townes and Bruce Goodwin of CASSIUS, and guests Myles Johnson, Tarik Bell and Corn to open up about sex, love and being attracted to other large bodies—sometimes. Learn more about […]

The Well

In the first installment of our series on Black men and weight, Jamilah Lemieux leads a spirited (literally) conversation with panelists Cory Townes and Bruce Goodwin of CASSIUS, writer Myles Johnson, educator Tarik Bell and Bourbon Ball founder Corn, in which they share tales of growing up ‘big bone-ded,’ the differences between being large up […]

The Well

Discussions of body image in the media most often center women and girls; think of all the times you’ve read/heard/scrolled past stories about the pressure to have an hourglass shape and the increasingly popular plastic surgery procedures being used to achieve it, with a social media driven-movement to celebrate the natural diversity of the female […]