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50 Cent may have beef with a lot of the industry, but when he’s on your side you have the kind of loyalty many only dream of.

In a virtual interview with Big Boy, 50 was essentially asked to choose between Dr. Dre and Eminem and he pretty much refused. It makes sense, seeing as both played an instrumental role in his success — Eminem discovered the Queens rapper and signed him to Shady/Aftermath soon after and also worth noting, both Em and Dre produced his first major label album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Welp, Big Boy put Fiddy on the spot this week. Incorporating the current coronavirus climate, the famed radio host asked “There’s one mask, there’s two people… you see Dr. Dre and you see Eminem. Who do you give that one mask to?”

“Damn, that’s a foul question,” 50 responded, as Big Boy laughed into the mic. “I’d give Em [the] mask,” 50 answered, adding “And I’d give Dre my mask. If I had a mask on, I would give him mine.”

When Big Boy hilariously asks why Dre gets the “used” mask, 50 Cent responds “Because of the way you sequenced it. You just gave me one mask to give my two best friends.” Check out the full interview up top, plus that funny moment at the 2:40 mark. 50 also reveals which rapper he would never allow in to his home during quarantine and you’ll probably be surprised at his answer.