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Still haven’t tried to give yourself a trim since all barbershops closed because of coronavirus?

Don’t worry. The Art of Shaving has you covered. The brand known for its quality array of grooming products like straight razors, shaving kits, brushes, and fragrances, is now getting into the experience business. Its latest offering is virtual barber tutorials to help out people who *immediately* get sweaty palms when they think about taking clippers to their own hair.

“During these challenging times, sharing expertise with our community is more important than ever. Perfect the skills you need to be your own master barber,” is the motive behind the campaign. And that’s how the #TheArtofShavingatHome and #BeMyOwnBarber hashtags were born.

But The Art of Shaving isn’t just offering tips, peep their Instagram– it’s really been transformed into a virtual barbershop.

“The space was curated by our Master Barbers from across the country and we also partnered with some influential celebrity barbers,” explains Falguni Desai, the CEO. “We wanted to offer our barbers and community a place to tell their stories during these uncertain times, just like people would in a physical barbershop.”

Whether you’re trying to learn how to buzz your own head, clean up your neckline, manage your curly hair, or are interested in maintaining the beard you’ve grown during quarantine, they’ve got you covered. With each easy-to-follow tutorials also comes a list of the best products to use, whether its clippers or the right beard balm.

The Art of Shaving also debuted a new campaign about just how essential barbers are to the fabric of a community. Not only are the only type of self-care that men routinely participate in, but the shop itself is crucial for communication and openness.

“We all stand for something. What that is comes out in the stories we tell. We build our legacy through honesty, integrity, our skills and the work we put in. When we hone our craft, pride and confidence become visible to all. explains master barber Brian “Goose” Davis. “The barbershop is more than a place to paint your canvas. It’s an opportunity to hear and be heard, to learn and evolve. And when the cape comes off, you’ll be able answer that important question: What do you see in the mirror?”

Peep how different men answer that question in the video above.