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Everybody knows 50 Cent doesn’t play about debt — he doesn’t care who you are, if you owe him money he will let the world know and drag you until you pay up.

Most recently, he put longtime enemy Irv Gotti on blast for allegedly owing BMF a sh*t ton of cash. “How you borrow a million dollars from street ni99as, see them get 30 years, and don’t put nothing on the books,” 50 wrote, alongside a photo he posted of Irv. “That 30 sounded like forever didn’t it? Well @bmfboss_swt_263 home now b*tch!”

Irv Gotti has since responded to 50’s claim, saying he doesn’t owe anyone any money. He also called the famed rapper, producer, author, and businessman a “clown.”

“If y’all don’t know by now that homie is a clown and on my dick and will say or do anything for attention. I do not owe T or any man a penny. That’s not who I am. Me and T are cool. Let T say I owe him a penny or he gave me money. That will never happen. Because. Me. Irv Gotti never took 1 penny from him. I have always been super cool with my BMF niggas. That goes for T. And it definitely goes for MEECH. With whom I had a closer relationship with. Nothing but Love and Respect. So until you hear T say something. Stop with the clown shit with the clown. Happy your Home T. Hope Meech comes Home too. I wish you both nothing but Success and Love!!,” Irv wrote in part. See his full message below.

No one from BMF has responded to the claims, but 50 is doubling down on his accusation, which is no surprise since he’s never been one to back-pedal.

“Boy you best be coming up with that money you borrowed. It’s Monday fool,” he wrote in a follow-up post.