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The never-ending saga of G-Unit beef continues.

When you think of the iconic NY-based group, you immediately think of its Queens figureheads 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks. But to attain the group’s southern twang, you’ve gotta put respect on Young Buck’s name. The Nashville, Tennesee native, born David Darnell Brown, has been on the outs with a very vocal 50 Cent and has recently even gone as far as to declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Not only does declaring bankruptcy sometimes mean you don’t have any money, but you’re also able to avoid any of the debt you currently owe. And in Buck’s case, that includes money he owes longtime rap-group member 50 Cent.

“The rapper lists his main creditors as the mothers of his six kids, the Georgia Department of Human Services and the IRS,” reports All Hip Hop.

Buck’s financial standings have been nothing but struggle lately since he was arrested just days before Christmas and has been in prison ever since on Child Abandonment charges. His next court date wasn’t until May 7.

Court documents state Buck is also asking to “reject any and all executory contracts with G-Unit and/or Curtis Jackson.” As recently as April 2019, 50 and Buck were still not getting along since he tried to get out of contract with G-Unit Records, but 50 refused. Instead, he trolled him and accused him of being in a relationship with a transgender man.

50 stays in the spotlight and had a few words to say about Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo recently because he feels they didn’t get acclimated to the industry the way he did.

“To me, one answer was to change how he interacted with the culture. That’s why years ago I told Banks to film a video of his life and post it on YouTube. Introduce people to his lifestyle. Let the camera follow him around for a while and see how he moves. Maybe something he says or does will create a spark, go viral, and then he’ll have some heat around him again,” 50 writes, adding, “I’m not saying anything here I haven’t said to Banks directly. Another time I sat down with him, just when IG was starting to pop off, and tried to drop this gem on him. ‘You gotta get on Instagram,’ I encouraged him. ‘You can be a little awkward in person, so this is actually a better way for you to communicate with people. You just put pictures of what you think is cool on your page. That way you can.'”