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Photo of Scarface

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When it comes to classic movies that every man should watch at least once, the list isn’t that long.

And at the top of that list are classic mobster films like The Godfather (the third in the trilogy is questionable, though) and Scarface. The 1983 hit is by no means a masterclass in cinematography, nor is the dialogue the most riveting. But the story of a young kid from Cuba coming to America to become one of the biggest drug lords Miami has ever seen –with tons of bloodshed in the midst– is what makes the movie shine. Al Pacino was synonymous with the role of Tony Montana, but now someone else has that chance as well.

According to Variety, a remake is coming, and the director chosen is Luca Guadagnino. Guadagnino’s an Italian director and will have big shoes to fill thanks to Brian DePalma’s 1983 remake.

There are some significant differences this go-round,  for starters, the script is written by the immensely talented Coen brothers who are behind films like The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men and Fargo. The reboot is a “reimagining of the immigrant story” and will be set in Los Angeles this time.

In the original 1932 film, gangster Tony Camonte –played by Paul Muni– took over Chicago, and in the 80s version, of course, Montana was in sunny Florida. While a release date still hasn’t been announced, at least we now know the second remake is still happening.

Most people would rather studio heads leave the movie alone, but if its terrible, at least the hilarious reactions on Twitter will make it less painful.