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O.J. Simpson has had a tumultuous past few decades— being acquitted of murder in the trial of the century, going to jail for robbery and being a media spectacle.  This all went down during the same years that his children were growing up. Though the Juice is finally getting out of prison later this fall and must be looking forward to reuniting with his loved ones, there may be nobody there to greet him on the other side.

According to a new book about the former football star’s life behind bars, O.J.’s  youngest three children want nothing to do with him. Simpson’s friend and spokesman, Tom Scotto, who is writing a book on O.J. called Killing Time, says that the troubled star talks to his eldest daughter Arnelle, but he is estranged from his other three children: Jason, Sydney and Justin. However, O.J’s lawyer Malcolm LaVergne is denying the claims, saying that during and after Simpson’s prison stint, he and the kids “are in constant communication.” He adds, “There is only one person authorized to speak for Mr. Simpson, and that is me.”

Also, Page Six reports that Chapter 19 of the upcoming book, titled A Night of Murder, will reveal for the first time the true story of what happened to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, from O.J.’s lips. The story is said to be different from any version previously told. Interestingly, Scotto is planning to donate his profits from the book to the family of Ron Goldman.

As for O.J., he’s looking to turn over a new leaf and spend lots of time with his children when he gets out of a Nevada prison in October. That’s if the kids even  want to be around him.

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